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Amiga Workbench 2.1 Download

There are various utilities that you can get to then read & write amiga disks and also some of the emulators do it. The page where you download that driver from has some links at the bottom for various systems including Amiga.

Amiga Workbench 2.1 Download


Thanks for the reply guys.From my understanding only workbench 2.0 and above can read PC formatted disk.I only have 1.3v I recently upgraded the bios to 3.1 but my amiga has been giving me errors so i am thinking i got a bad rom chip.I will try what you said and let you know what happends with the orginal rom chip.

Thanks Icbrkr.I sent you a pm.let me know if you get it.I bought an 3.1 rom and the workbench disk for it but it has been giving me errors.I would like to try the workbench for the V1.3 and see if everything is working right.Thanks for you help guys.This turned out alot harder than I thought it would be.I have a null cable and Amiga Forever ready to go when I get everything working right and when I figure all this out

Thanks Icbrkr.So my best bet is just to leave it alone and get more memory.I posted help in two amiga forums that dealt with Amiga's and did not get any help.I think it's very ironic that I got more help in an Atari site than Amiga site

You will then need the following softwareWinUAE emulatorKickstart ROMs to work with WinUAE(Either download Amiga TOSEC from your favourite torrent site, purchase from Amiga Forever or extract it from your own Amiga using TransROM)Classic Workbench Operating System (GAAE for A600 and CWBFull for A1200)PFS3 AIO for Amiga (File System that allows large HDD support)PFSformat for Amiga (Located in the tools folder of the archive)Workbench 3.0 Disk for A1200 or Workbench 2.1 Disk for A600(Either download Amiga TOSEC from your favourite torrent site or purchase from Amiga Forever)

You will need a copy of the Kickstart ROM and Workbench disk images, version 3.0 or 3.1. This is still under copyright, and at least the Workbench images can be bought from They can also be found on several places on the Internet, as usual DuckDuckGo is your friend.

Then, press F12 to enter the WinUAE settings and go to CD & Hard Drives. Now you need to add the System.hdf file that you extracted from the Classic WB archive you downloaded in Step 1. Click Add Hardfile and select the System.hdf file. Make sure that the HD Controller is UAE, and name the device DH2. You should set boot prio to 1 (not 0).

The downloadable Floppy & Hard Disk Image Pack contains 16 floppy disk images (ADF files) and 2 hard disk images (HDF files), which make it possible to boot and set up any Classic Amiga model (including the Amiga 1000, 3000 and 4000T).

Important: the downloadable Floppy & Hard Disk Image Pack does not contain physical media. An Amiga computer or dedicated PC hardware are required to write the images to Amiga floppy disks or other media. The floppy disk image files are also suitable for use in floppy drive emulators (Cortex, DTX200, EMUFFD, Gotek, HxC, Mark II, etc.), which can be used to replace an Amiga floppy disk drive.

The Workbench is the Amiga's User Interface to manage files and start application programs and from v1.0 to 3.1 it is supplied on Floppy disk which must be converted to ADF disk images to be used with Winuae. A larger set Workbenchs (upto 3.9) can be found on the Amiga Forever CD in D:\Emulation\shared\ADF and a full Workbench directory hard disk set up in D:\Emulation\shared\dir. Standalone Workbench or AmigaOS 3.9 (68k) or 4.1 (PPC) CD can be purchased from any good Amiga dealer (for example AmigaKit and can be read directly on a PC as a Read Only Directory based Hard Disk on Winuae.Workbench 3.x is also supplied with the Amiga Forever download or CD/DVD versions.

If you have a modern browser (such as Netsurf , Odyssey or even IBrowse), you can use something like DropBox , OneDrive or iCloud to exchange files between the systems. 2. Where can I purchase Kickstart and Workbench disks? Kickstart ROMs and Workbench are COPYRIGHT of Amiga Inc and it is ILLEGAL to distribute them or download them from unauthorised sites. For real Workbench disks, you can get replacement disks from Amigakit from 11.75.

If you have two floppy drives and the new Disk2FDI program, you can read Amiga Disks in one drive and write it to FDI format on another disk in the other drive, the FDI files are compatible with the latest Winuae program. To read PC formatted disks on the Amiga you can use CrossDos (supplied with Workbench 2.1, 3.0 or 3.1 or higher). Amiga disks drives support Double Density 720K disks, you need a High Density drive for 1.44Mb disks. Refer to device names PC0: or PC1: for PC disks. If using Workbench 1.3 or 2.0 download MSH (MessyDos) from Aminet for similar features. For 1.44MB disks you need to have a high density drive using the Catweasel interface (for A1200). To format disks as 720K on Amiga use Format Drive PC0: (or PC1:) Name Disk1. To use 1440K disks, edit or copy PC0 DosDriver to a new file and change the number of sectors per track from 9 to 18. To format disks in Windows use Format A: /N:9 /T:80 (for old OS use Format A: /F:720).

Some games come with a HD installer script included on the game disk, if the disk is visible on the Workbench. Other games will require loading from a image copied to the HD and run using a special install file using the WHDLoad system. You can download WHDLoad from Aminet (see dev/misc and game/patch) or the WHDLoad home page. A FAQ about WHDLoad is at the Wki Abime website.

As part of its Amiga Forever Classic Support series, Cloanto is making available the downloadable Floppy & Hard Disk Image Pack. The set makes it possible to boot and set up any Classic Amiga model (including the Amiga 1000, 3000 and 4000T) using a floppy drive emulator or after copying to suitable media (floppy disks, CompactFlash cards, etc.)

Well I am glad I am not the only one. Yes some people in here need to get alife, and stop shagging plus sized ladies (and admitting it too!) HeheIf it is so wrong to download 15-20 year old computer software (Amiga, C64,Atari 800) why are so many sites available online? A lot of them even sayit is freeware and legal. (as you know my opinion, it makes complete senseto me) So if that is breaking the law then so be it. Maybe Big FiveSoftware, Datasoft and Psygnosis can start taking people to court for copyright infringement...Tim

I did a fresh install of the Cloanto amiga-os-310-install.adf disk to a hard drive, and then I wanted to change the keyboard layout to Swedish. I tried SYS:System/SetMap s but then I've learned that SetMap was deprecated in Workbench 2. Then I tried SETKEYBOARD s which seems to work from a shell, but not when I put it in S\Startup-Sequence.

Includes all features mentioned on this site, except for the videos (which are on the 3 DVDs included with the Premium Edition). Includes Amiga Forever Game Pack I (more than 50 games). Delivered as an easy-to-use downloadable installer for Windows. After installation on a Windows system, it is possible to create (via Build Image, in the Tools menu) a DVD ISO image which includes run-from-DVD, KX Light boot-from-DVD and other cross-platform content


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