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[S10E13] Secrets And Lies

Jimmy asks about Naomi and Nicky. Alex tells him that they're not there. Jimmy says he's afraid that if he tells Alex how much it means to him that he convinced Naomi and Nicky to get on a plane, Alex will call and tell them to forget it. Jimmy doesn't know how Alex managed it. Alex says he told them he was dead. Jimmy notices that his guitar is gone and asks about it. Alex lies and says he put some of Jimmy's stuff in storage. Jimmy asks him to get the guitar back because it was Naomi's father's and taking it was one of the worst things he's ever done. He wants to give it back to Naomi. He asks Alex to make sure he's awake when they get there. Jimmy's vitals start to become unstable.

[S10E13] Secrets and Lies

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Alex is sitting by Jimmy's bedside as he struggles to breathe. Alex lies and says that Naomi and Nicky are on their way. Jimmy asks when they'll be there. Alex says that their plane was delayed, but Alex told them about the guitar and that he loves them. He says it's okay and they know he loves them as Jimmy struggles to breathe. Alex says he can go and Jimmy settles down and stops breathing. Alex stands up to turn the monitor off and calls Jimmy a son of a bitch.

Michonne tries in vain to pry the door open, but eventually tires out and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she finds a tray of food on the ground and her sword missing. She continues to bang on the door, when a strange voice from a cell next to hers tells her to calm down. Shocked, Michonne asks how long she has been in the cell and why the people on the other side didn't answer her before. They tell her that it's been roughly a day since she arrived, and that they didn't answer her out of fear, since Virgil was in one of his moods. They also dissuade Michonne from trying to escape, as the whole building is booby-trapped. The trio introduce themselves as Virgil's former colleagues who worked as researchers on the island before the outbreak, while Lucy was a janitor. They explain that after the outbreak, people kept arriving to the island via boat, but food supplies soon dwindled. Eventually, a fight broke out over the rations, which resulted in a resident getting stabbed to death. Virgil arrived to the scene too late and panicked. He ordered his colleagues to lock all the doors, but didn't realize his family was still inside. Driven insane over causing their deaths, Virgil locked his friends in the cell so they wouldn't leave him. One of the captives, Jeremiah, encourages Michonne to eat, so she has the strength to kill Virgil. Another captive, Celeste, asks for Michonne's name, so she introduces herself before biting into an apple.

Later, Virgil opens the shutters and tells Michonne he is glad she ate. Michonne orders him to open the door, but Virgil declines, as he knows she will kill him if he does so. He tells her that he doesn't want to fight, just wants her to understand, explaining that the island has a gift and that it can help her the same way it helped him. At this point, Michonne begins to hallucinate. When asked what he did to her, Virgil reveals that he made her hallucinogenic tea using Jimsonweed. He believes Michonne to be in pain like himself, and wishes to cure her. Michonne denies being like Virgil, but the latter cuts her off, revealing that they've already had that conversation three times. Michonne pleads with Virgil to think about her daughter and son, but Virgil says that no one listened to him when he said the same thing, and goes on to state that everything he did was for his family. Michonne laughs at this and makes a snide remark, but is stunned when Siddiq replies to her instead and asks about his child. As Michonne's hallucinations continue to get worse, Virgil smiles and tells her she is no angel. When Michonne starts to shiver, Siddiq tells her to picture the sun. Michonne is at first glad to see him, but he starts blaming her for his death, as well as the deaths of Rick and Carl. Siddiq then asks what will happen to his family with him gone. Michonne tearfully states that Siddiq is her family, but the latter replies "this is what it feels like to be your family". A split second later, Michonne's hands are covered in blood. She screams in horror before she is confronted by a past version of herself, who hands over the chains to her walkers. Prompted by Virgil, Michonne takes the chains. 041b061a72


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