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[S3E1] Meet The Family

Season 3! We are back at it again with a #TWINWIN! Not only was this our first episode, but it holds a special spot in our hearts because we got to start the season by helping out some of the people we love most, our family!

[S3E1] Meet the Family

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THE CHOSEN SEASON 3: EPISODE 1 & 2 champion the Bible, Jesus and the truth of His teachings. The camerawork and acting are theatrical-level quality. However, the nature of having two episodes instead of a normal movie does result in some pacing issues with the theatrical experience. That said, THE CHOSEN SEASON 3: EPISODE 1 & 2 is an inspiring, faith-filled, biblical movie safe for the whole family.

I had to watch as i went through the same thing. I fell in love with a girl who i still dnt knw who she is. We spoke on phone and she made me feel good. We arrangrd to meet up loads of times and she made excuses. So i dug deep to find out and eventually found out the girls picture was someone else in england. When i asked her about it she denied it and then she deleted her account. I am still annoyed as i want answers but it was good to know.

As Pose Season 3 kicks off, police raid New York City's kinky Hellfire Club -- where Elektra has been working as a dominatrix -- and close it down by order of the Big Apple's new mayor: Borat 2 star Rudy Giuliani. Soon after, Elektra meets up with Blanca at the ball and tells her what happened. Hearing the news, Blanca replies, "Shutting them places down ain't going to stop people from having sex or keep them safe." Elektra, for her part, doesn't care much about keeping people safe, but she's definitely angry that her primary stream of revenue has been cut off.

The duo encounter Lemar, who has since the end of Pose Season 2 founded the House of Khan, which has gained a reputation for being particularly unruly. A small argument ensues about the balls having started to give out prize money. While Elektra and Blanca argue that ballroom "is about community and family," Lemar is much more interested in making money. Unhappy with being lectured, though, the hotheaded Lemar tells Blanca to get the House of Evangelista in order, and needles her about Damon's drinking. This confrontation soon leads to Lemar challenging Blanca on the ballroom floor, though the House of Evangelista's mother declines.

And on the ballroom floor, the House of Khan proves absolutely fierce, earning raucous praise from all of the judges and winning a trophy and $1000 prize. However, Pray Tell and the other members of the Emcee Council reveal during a meeting at a diner that they aren't able to actually pay the prize money. This leads to the House of Khan confronting the Emcee Council and starting a food fight.

At her job as a nurse's aide at a hospital, Blanca visits Cubby, who is on the verge of dying from HIV. He laments that Lemar hasn't visited, and Blanca tries to comfort him by saying that he's just obsessed with building his new House. Blanca reveals that she's contacted Cubby's mother, as part of her job is the contact the family of patients who are dying. Cubby's mother -- who told him that he'd die from HIV when he came out -- has actually come to the hospital to visit him. And while Cubby believes that his mother hates him, Blanca convinces him otherwise and to give her a chance to make amends.

Damon -- who has since started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings -- takes Pray Tell aside and talks to him about his own issues with addiction. While Pray Tell uses the terrible things happening in the world to justify his drinking, Damon tries to tell him that "sobriety is not escaping death. It's about living life on life's terms." However, before they can go any further, Elektra arrives, giving Pray Tell a chance to leave the conversation. Shortly after Elektra arrives, Angel and Lulu come to the party. However, they're high on marijuana laced with crack.

At the ball itself, the House of Evangelista proves victorious and Blanca gives an impassioned speech about the meaning of ballroom and not running from life. She also praises the House of Khan and promises to donate the prize money they've just won to charity. Afterwards, the victorious House of Evangelista sits down at a restaurant for dinner with Christopher. And while she doesn't get to meet his family in "On the Run," Christopher does get to meet Blanca's family. Then, as Pose Season 3's premiere closes, Blanca takes what Christopher and Judy said to heart and fills out an application to go to nursing school at Manhattan Technical College.

As part of a publicity tour for a new movie, John Wayne makes a stop in Tuckahoe, to visit Arthur, his number one fan. However, when the ceiling caves in at the Harmons, Arthur talks Maude into hosting the party. Maude decides to have a verbal shootout with the Duke about woman's lib but finds herself tongue tied when she actually meets him.

CAROL SUTTON LEWIS: Without that guarantee, it became all too easy for the so-called Redeemers to strictly enforce segregation. For Black Americans like YY's family, this meant forging their own world.

The episode starts out with Rick and his family sitting in a booth at an old fashioned American diner, Shoney's, talking about Rick's escape from space prison. Rick smells a rat and orders Jerry to fold himself over 12 times. "Jerry" only manages to contort himself into six folds, revealing that this is, in fact, a simulation based on Rick's memories.

Meanwhile, Morty and his family are back on Earth, which is now being run by the Galactic Federation. Jerry now works an unspecified occupation, while Beth has lost her own job due to the Federation's advanced medical knowledge. Unhappy with their current way of life, Summer decides to save Rick and digs up the portal gun buried by Rick in the backyard next to his own alternate-dimension corpse. Morty tries to dissuade Summer from doing so, but when the family's robot butler Conroy turns hostile and attempts to confiscate the portal gun, Morty transports them all to his "Cronenberg World" family, which he and Rick C-137 abandoned previously.

After they arrive, Conroy is destroyed by Jerry Smith and Summer Smith from the abandoned Cronenberged dimension. Morty and Summer join them, along with Beth Smith, in a feast of roasted Cronenberg. The cataclysm endured by this dimension affords Morty the proof to Summer that Rick does not care about anyone, especially his family. At this point, Jerry smashes the portal gun, preventing our Summer and Morty from leaving.

By the time Rick, Morty and Summer return home, Jerry is once again unemployed while Beth is simply relieved that her family is home safe and sound. Unhappy with his father-in-law's return, Jerry demands that Beth chooses between himself and Rick, leading to the two deciding on divorce.

Once Beth and Summer leave the garage, Rick reveals to Morty that he had himself captured on purpose in order to take revenge on both the Galactic Federation and Jerry for crossing him. By eliminating Jerry, Rick now takes on the role as the undisputed patriarch of the family, and Morty will be forced to continue on adventures with him as both Beth and Summer view Rick as a hero. Rick explains that all he wants out of all his plans is to get Szechuan Chicken McNugget Sauce, which was discontinued by McDonalds years ago. Understandably, Morty is visibly horrified by the revelation.

Max continues to move up in the world, even as he has wrecked his romantic life. He has published a book (The Psychopathy of the Criminal Mind) and has taken stylish new lodgings where an assistant aids him with his psychiatric clients. Amelia has left him, and Clara and he have mutually agreed not to ever meet each other in the wake of Clara calling off her engagement, as he explains to Oskar after he and Oskar run into Clara at a fashion house. Their relationship never goes well. Clara refuses to reveal her business at the fashion house to Max.

In 2018, Devonte and his siblings were in their family's SUV when it was reportedly intentionally driven off of a 100-foot cliff by his adoptive parents. Devonte's body was never recovered, but the bodies of five children were found at or near the scene. Investigators determined Devonte was likely also in the SUV and he was declared dead in 2019.

In a much less tragic ending, Loquareeous and the other children are able to escape the SUV, and he watches it plunge into a lake with his foster parents still inside. He is later reunited with his real family. In an interview about the episode, Glover told Variety, "We just wanted to make a Black fairytale."

The first episode of the game opens to a phone call between brothers David and Javier Garcia in which David is urging Javier to come see their family in time for their father's passing. As the phone call ends in the background, Javier, having abandoned his car due to inert traffic on the highway, is shown running to his family's house. When he arrives, he is confronted and punched in the face by David for missing their father's death.

David's daughter, Mariana, is shown exiting her late grandfather's bedroom with his empty glass. Her grandmother informs her that she doesn't need to fill his glass anymore because he is "sleeping", but Mariana claims that he is awake. Startled, the family follows Mariana into his bedroom, where a zombified Salvador is approached by his brother, Javier's uncle Hector.

Javier rips one of the posts off of the bed and tells his father that he is "sorry" before hitting him in the head. With Salvador officially dead, Javier returns to Kate and his mother while David grabs his son, asking where Mariana is. Afterwards Mrs. Garcia is hurried out of the house and into Salvador's car by David who tells the others to meet them at the hospital. Javier tells him not to take the highway as it is backed up with traffic. As Javier piles Kate, Hector, Gabe, and Mariana into the van, Hector notices a bite mark on his wrist and covers it with his sleeve.

As the four search for things they need, Javier hunts for gas, siphoning gasoline out of beat up cars. He approaches a worrying Kate and she describes to him her negative thoughts, and how there will eventually be a "last" of everything. She quickly snaps out of it, announcing that she "let it have its five minutes". Gabe informs Javi of his bad mood and how it won't seem to go away. He describes his growing hatred for their van; he prefers to be with other people rather than his family all the time. 041b061a72


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