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[S7E9] Battle Of The Blondes

Eli Gold met his match not in the slew of prosecutors he constantly battled, but in a scheming teenage girl. Zach's near-disappearance from the show left us with a lot of questions, but the biggest was when will Becca run for office.

[S7E9] Battle of the Blondes

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In 1997, the fledgling WB network raised Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the dead with an abbreviated first season. The pilot treats the motion picture as originally scripted (not the film that resulted) as canon: Buffy learns that she is the most recent in a line of warrior women chosen by fate to fight evil, and in a pitched battle sets the school gym on fire to kill the vampires inside. She can't fully explain this to the authorities, making her a social pariah. Hoping to elude her Slayer responsibilities, she and her mother move to Sunnydale, a sleepy town in Southern California. In spite of that, she learns Sunnydale is sitting on top of a Hellmouth, a well of evil that attracts all types of demons. She is assigned a "Watcher" from an Ancient Conspiracy dedicated to finding and training Slayers. Forming a tight-knit group of friends, Buffy battles hellspawn while juggling her double life as a carefree schoolgirl. That last part is easier than it sounds, as Sunnydale's adults are too wrapped up in lawn care (and denial) to acknowledge the evil brewing right under their feet.

Mackenzie faces the most desperate battle of her life as she faces off with the Beast one last time. Will you be able to give your mate the strength she needs to reclaim her pack, retake her mantle as an alpha, and save Havenfall? 041b061a72


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