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An expansion pack to Red Alert 2, Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge was released on October 10, 2001. In Yuri's Revenge, an ex-Soviet figure named Yuri, tries to conquer the world using psychic technology and his own private army. The expansion pack received mostly positive reviews. GameRankings reports an average score of 85% based on 31 reviews,[29] making Yuri's Revenge the best received expansion pack in the Command & Conquer series.

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The extreme emphasis on strategy and online co-operation are great, but the lack of freedom and creativity along with restrictive elements of game play make this feel like a step backwards for the series. The graphics are beautiful; perhaps the best thing about the game, but game play should never take a backseat to graphics. Looking at the game on its own I enjoyed the game, its story, and its new approach at the RTS genre. If you pick this game up for the multiplayer, the community, and the storyline you will likely not be disappointed. If you are alright with just units and turrets and can get past the limited command points system you will surely crank away hours of fun in this title. The newly added WorldBuilder will expand the title and give control back to the players.

Sonic ill agree that the SP Story does interest me and looks awesome, but im not going to pay 50 bucks for a Online Only C&C. EA lost my money when they announced that Anti-Piracy gimmick disguised as a fun feature. Even though i can bet anyone 100 bucks that the pirates will have that crap cracked in under 24 hours which is a real shame for those that pay for it. Once again paying customers get the shaft while pirates get the best features. I'll wait until the game is in the bargin bin to get it.


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