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A standard cut is the most basic of video transitions - it is when one clip ends and another clip begins. It can be called the default cut for video editing. There are no added movements or effects in a standard cut, thus making it the most commonly used transition in video editing. This vlog by Allison Anderson is a great example of how neat and aesthetically pleasing standard cuts can be when matched to the beat of the music.

Neat Video Final Cut Pro X BEST Crack Straight

Light leaks can give your video a very cinematic feel and is a great choice for categories like wedding videos or aspirational corporate videos. Light leaks are one of the best video transition effects for clips shot outdoors on a bright day because they look a lot like lens flare from the sun. Check out this video that shows you a series of light leak transitions on different kinds of footage.

Breaker clips as video transition effects work best if you have a long video and want to establish the next scene before suddenly jumping to it. You can use this transition in vlogs and wedding films to show what is happening and where it is taking place.


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