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Cleartone Cm 9000 Pdf Free _TOP_

All drum hardware is covered for a period of one (1) year. Drum Workshop will repair or replace any defective components free of charge with comparable or functionally equivalent parts to the original purchaser upon delivery of the product to an authorized DW Drums dealer. Said defective component/s will become the property of Drum Workshop. Proof of purchase and status as the original purchaser are required for warranty coverage. Authorized DW Drums dealers are not agents or independent contractors of Drum Workshop, Inc. and all warranty repair work is performed by Drum Workshop, Inc.

Cleartone Cm 9000 Pdf Free

It's possible that you can upgrade to a double pedal, however, the answer really depends on your current pedal. The easiest way to upgrade is to buy a 5012--the primary side of a double pedal unit and the connecting universal rod. Your existing pedal will then be used as the slave pedal in the double unit. Before you order one, you will want to make sure that the stroke adjustment (the black, tear-drop shaped piece that sits above the spring) attached to the hex shaft is SQUARE. In other words, the end of the hex shaft that sticks out of the pedal needs to be square in shape. If not, the 5012 will not work. A 9000 single cannot be upgraded to a double pedal. back to top

Tour - The factory tour is completely free of charge. It begins at 2pm and lasts about an hour. We request that all of our guests arrive about 10 minutes early. The tour is on a tight schedule and we cannot wait for guests that are arriving late.


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