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Buy Used Trek Mountain Bike

Started by Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg, Trek bicycles manufactures bicycles and bicycle products for worldwide distribution. They provide a comprehensive offering of city bicycles, speed road bicycles, and trail-blazing mountain bikes. They offer a wide array of mountain bikes as well as more than 100 different road models.

buy used trek mountain bike

Trek makes bikes for children, women, and men. There are also nearly 90 unisex options available as well. Their bikes can be used by beginners, intermediates, and speed cycling professionals. They are designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight, and their mountain bikes are specifically designed for hills and rough terrain.

The main types of Trek bicycles available are mountain and road bikes. In addition, there also BMX bikes, cruisers, and hybrid bikes available. Trek also offers racing road bikes, touring road bikes, and bicycles designed for time trials or triathlons. Mountain bicycles offered by Trek include cross-country models, downhill mountain bikes, and trail mountain models. They also offer electric options like their PowerFly electric mountain bikes. Their Checkpoint gravel bike is one of their specialized bikes. Another specialized bike is their Boone cyclocross bike, made with lightweight carbon and aluminum.

Trek bicycle frames are made from materials designed to enhance the rider's experience. Different frame materials used in these bike frames include aluminum, carbon fiber, composite, and steel. Carbon and aluminum are typically reserved for Trek road bikes. Some of the colors available with Trek bicycles include blue, green, light gray, gray, orange, purple, red, tan, white, and yellow. Many of the options offered are customizable with two-tone as well.

Some of the features offered on Trek mountain bikes include internal cable routing, customized handlebars, disc brakes, active braking pivots, and Aktiv suspension. Other features included with these models range from electric assist and ergonomic grips, to IsoSpeed, Di2 optimization, and remote suspension lockout. Some features included with road bikes include DuoTrap, internal cable routing, IsoSpeed, puncture-resistant tires, direct mount brakes, disc brakes KVF aerodynamics, and electronic shifting.

USED - LOTUS EXPLORER : 20" : BLUEConditionUSEDBike will be partially dis-assembled if shipping is requested.One sweet vintage mountain bike that has been given lots of love and lots of new parts. Light scuffing and paint chips on frame and fork. New chain. New grips. New bottom bracket. New seat. New tires. All new cables and housing! New crankset. Whew! This bike looks awesome and rides great. Check it out today!Pictures are of the actual bike, see photos for details.

USED - KLEIN ATTITUDE : 19" : REDConditionUSEDBike will be partially dis-assembled if shipping is requested.Scuffing and paint chips throughout bike from aveage use and age. Notable scuffing on fork legs and bar ends. Top tube of frame has a dent that is about 1cm in diameter and 2mm deep. A sweet vintage mountain bike in overall good condition. Would make a great vintage rider or add it to your collection.Pictures are of the actual bike, see photos for details.

Many prices in online marketplaces are suggested prices, so make sure you do some due diligence on market price if possible. One of our top tips for buying a used bike is to use resources like eBay to understand the market value of a used bike and use services like to do some research on a specific model. You may also have to pay for shipping for interstate purchases, which you can calculate at

What is a Hardtail? A hardtail mountain bike is a solid frame paired with a suspension fork. The suspension fork allows the front wheel a certain amount of controlled vertical movement that varies depending on the style of bike (Hybrid = 60-100mm; Cross Country = 80-120mm; Trail = 120-140mm). Hardtails have fewer moving parts than full suspension bikes making them simple, easy to maintain, light weight, and more affordable than similarly equipped full suspension bikes. While they may not be quite as smooth and comfortable, they're still super fun!

Not everyone needs a high-end mountain bike that breaks the bank. If you are new to the sport, ride infrequently, or prefer easier trails with few major obstacles, cheaper bikes offer plenty of performance. Following a significant industry shift in wheel sizes, most budget bikes share a common formula: 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels, suspension up front, and an aluminum frame. The good news is that there are plenty of suitable options in the sub-$1,000 price range, and below are our favorites for 2022. For more background information, see our comparison table and buying advice below the picks.

The old mountain bike standard, the 26-inch wheel and tire combo, has gone from being commonplace to a rarity in only a few short years. For budget bikes, the transition started with the large 29-inch wheels and has since moved to 27.5-inch. This wholesale shift in the industry can be traced to the improvement in rollover, traction, and stability that these larger tires provide (for more, see our article on 27.5 vs. 29er mountain bikes).

When they were released to the mass market, few could have predicted the rise of the super wide tire bike. At a time when your typical mountain bike tire was around 2 inches wide, these 4- to 5-inch wide balloons looked downright hilarious. What was even more surprising was how fun the bikes were on the trail. The large tires had seemingly endless amounts of grip and absorbed rough trails with ease. Further, they opened up snowy paths for year-round fun, which has made them extremely popular throughout the country, and in the Midwest in particular.

The first bikes Trek made were touring steel frames, but as the business evolved, so did the selection of models. Soon enough, Trek began producing road racing bikes, and then mountain bikes from both aluminum and carbon.

As its name tells you, Trek Dual Sport is a versatile series that can be used for on and off-road rides. These bikes are built around affordable aluminum frames, generally cost around $1,000, and roll on wide 700c wheels. All models have disc brakes and 63 mm of front suspension. Riders can choose between step-over and step-though frame designs.

Yes, Trek bikes are very good. Trek has a long history of making quality bikes that are used by beginner, hobby, and elite cyclists around the world. Trek bikes last for a long time and have excellent reselling value years after purchase.

Bicycle Guider is a registered trademark. It is a free resource page about bicycles, founded in 2015 by Jeff Balton. The main goal of this website is to provide valuable guides, reviews, and articles about different types of bicycles, including mountain, hybrid and road bikes.

The following section provides a detailed comparison of the features of the Trek 800 with those of modern mountain bikes. It will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Trek 800 better.

The Trek 800 is a budget-friendly mountain bike mainly produced in the last century. Despite its age, it still makes a good choice for those looking for an affordable MTB, thanks to its depreciation and low price.

Whether you need a trail mountain bike, a cross country mountain bike or a normal mountain bike, Trek have got options for you. Trek's mountain bikes are designed to be 'shock resistant', which means that their suspension system is intended to provide a comfortable ride, even in difficult terrain. Whether for racing or for recreational purposes, the frame of these bikes are light and can help to give you the ultimate edge.

Aside from offering mountain bikes, Trek offer bicycles for cross country, trail, downhill, electric mountain, road, general electric bikes, cyclocross, gravel, hybrid, fitness, triathlon, women's, kids and customised bicycles. Which means that the offering you can discover on eBay leaves you with a pretty high chance of being able to discover a bicycle which is right for you.

There are some brands though that stand out. The bikes they make are some of the finest available and they keep making knockout hits. If you are looking for a great mountain bike, starting with a great brand isn't a guarantee but reputation still counts for a lot. With that in mind, we put together some of the brands we think are the best MTB brands out there. Keep reading to see our list of the best mountain bike brands and top rated models they've recently released.

Specialized bikes are one of the biggest and most well-known names in the industry. Getting there has been a 47-year journey with some industry-defining bikes, some missteps, and a lot of innovation. The first few years were focused on road cycling and led to the first Specialized product, a tire. From there, the next major move was recognizing the importance of an emerging scene.The company became synonymous with the American mountain bike scene with the release of the first Stumpjumper in 1981. It brought mass production and economies of scale to a fledgling niche and maybe changed the world. The Specialized Stumpjumper lineage continues to this day although the modern-day equivalent is unrecognizable when compared to the original model. Specialized is arguably one of the most influential brands on the market that are constantly developing new technology by utilizing its own Innovation Center R&D test lab and wind tunnel - which they call the Win Tunnel.

Specialized now produces bikes for all disciplines from downhill mountain biking to aero time-trial bikes. What they all have in common is that they are consistently some of the best bikes that are available on the market.

The Stumpjumper model was the first in a long line of mountain bikes bearing the name Specialized. It remains in the lineup over 40 years later but the innovation has never stopped. The Evo Comp is the most affordable bike in the range and presents excellent value, not just because you get front and rear triangles made from Specialized's FACT 11m carbon but also its versatility on the trails. 041b061a72


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