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Wazzap Migrator Cracked Apk For Android

WazzapMigrator: transfer your WhatsApp history from iPhone to AndroidJust switched from iPhone to Android? Don't worry, you can move your WhatsApp history (texts and images) to your brand new Android phone. FEATURES- import messages and emoji- import images, audio, video, documents, locations and contacts- works even if you already sold/gave away your old iPhone, just be sure to have an iTunes backup on your PC/MacVIDEO & HOWTO :// worried about your privacy? when installing take a look at the app's permission: it has no permission to access the internet, so you can be sure your data absolutely can't leave your deviceSUPPORT- in-app support line: just click the Contact icon and we'll assist you (response: 24h max)- more info and advanced help @ - Satisfied or Reimbursed guarantee*** Basic computer knowledge is required to extract iPhone WhatsApp archive, see before buying if you can't do it or just contact me for help ***LEGALWhatsApp 2018 is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc., a California corporation ("WhatsApp"), the owner and operator of (the "WhatsApp Site"), the WhatsApp software, including WhatsApp Messenger. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

wazzap migrator cracked apk for android

Did you copy the chat and media files in the Wazzapp migrator as mentioned in the article? And also, you need to use Wazzapmigrator app after copying files to make the iOS data compatible on android. Whatsapp will automatically detect the backup once it finds the compatible backup file.

I paid for the app and even added the message backup file to wazzapmigrator in my android. But when I installed WhatsApp , it asked me only for a backup from Google drive,to which I said No!I got no option to restore chat data from wazzapmigratorI failed at the LAST STEP please help ?

I followed all the steps you have mentioned.But I am unable to convert the whatsapp data in the migrator.I tried manually entering the path but this is the message I get.Chatsorage.sqlite found @/storage/emulated/0/wazzapMigrator/ChatStorage.sqlite

Govind after copying ChatStorage.sqlite to wazzapmigrator folder , and then running the wazzapmigrator app after selecting the above file manually (as it did not found it automatically), the process is completed and then when i install the whatsapp and after the verification, it asks for google drive backup which is not present so i have to skip it and then it starts initializing without restoring any backup , WHAT TO DO ! Reply ASAP !!

For those who have been unlucky to restore Whatsapp on android, have patience and thoroughly through the guide before you attempt. I was able to restore it in my first try. I restored from Iphone 6s to one plus 6t. It took me approximately 3.5 hours of total time spent on this transfer 90 % of my time was spent on reading through the article on this page and that on wazzapmigrator. Read the comments section on WM guide pages.

Hi I have a iPhone 6s and I am transferring to Samsung note 10+. I bought the original wazzapmigrator app. I has saved my chatstorage.sqlite and media files to my Samsung storage. But I have only managed to get back my messages without the media portion i.e. photos and such. Where have I gone wrong? Please help


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